whats the deal with form models?

i was called by someone from an agency called form models. they said i could be a model. whats the deal with it?

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  1. Jake says:

    First of all don`t be fooled into thinking Form Models is an agency, it`s a studio.

    Some studios prey on naive and badly informed young new models who think that they have to pay for a portfolio. The studios charge them over the odds for a few images. UK Trading Standards and other government departments are working to ensure these businesses do not continue trading in this manner. The belief is that there is a real financial risk of companies like these trapping young people into severe financial debts of up to £3,000 for poor quality images that are unlikely to be acceptable by any reputable agency.

    The deposit is to make sure you turn up. Some reports have said that if you don`t show up they will charge you a further £140. Any business of ANY sort that asks for a ‘refundable’ booking fee is taking the p**s to demand a further payment for a no show. If a business have a legitimate reason to ask for a booking fee then that and only that covers the no show costs.

    Some studios con young hopefuls by inviting them for a ‘free’ photoshoot, requesting a booking fee to secure the studio time (with a promise to refund the fee if you attend) then charging extortionate prices for copies of the pictures. Some studios adopt aggressive, threatening and abusive sales tactics. Some studios do not apply the 7 day cooling off period of distance selling and insist that special deals can only be offered if the sale is made on the day.

    Some studios offer credit terms of up to 2 years without being regulated under the Consumer Credit Act.

    Some studios claim to run competitions, that they work with one of the magazines and can offer modelling assignments. These claims are more often than not false and are used to lure young hopefuls into their studios.

    Some studios accept payments for the sessions but do not deliver on the pictures – or the pictures are of poor quality and badly edited.

    Some studios offer "Modelling Assessment Days" where you spend a day at the ‘studio’ being pampered, having a ‘professional photoshoot’ followed by a private model assessment advising you of the various photo-packages available and which are suitable to your needs. In other words, you go to their premises, they take photos and pressurise you into buying them at extortionate prices.

    Some studios claim to offer makeovers with a free mini facial, makeover, hairstyling, photoshoot, free champagne and cocktails. They ask for a ‘fully-refundable booking fee’ but won`t tell you what the fee is until you`ve made a booking.


    Portfolio images can be done for next to no cost. There are plenty of talented professional photographers that will do a TFP or TFCD shoot. TFP means time for prints and TFCD means time for images on a CD. Basically that means that you and the photographer exchange time not money. Both of you benefit because you can both add the images to your respective portfolios.

    Have a look at a model/photographer networking site such as Purestorm or Model Mayhem. You have to be 18 or over to join as a member but anyone can view the profile information for each photographer. Look in the information they provide and you`ll see who does TFP/TFCD. There`s a search facility so you can find ones in your area and they will have their own website links on their profiles. All it takes is an email to them.

  2. Leroy says:

    i was successful to become a model. i already have been contacted by a magazine for fashion photo shoot.

  3. Alfie says:

    I LOVED IT HERE!!!!! 🙂

    I went with my mum, i was nervous at first but she said it would be fine. I had never done any modelling in the past, so was EXTRA nervous. I got help with my clothes from a stylist and had my make done. My photographer had just finished at London fashion Week. After the first half hour I felt much more comfortable. We even did some location photographs (outside) which came out really nice.

    I got a web folio that I can now email off to clients and other modelling agencies to get work becuase I live in Hull and can’t get to London very easily so web folio was best for me.

    Already joined a model agency stella models.

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