What’s The First Thing Thing When You Think Insurance Sales Agent?

Life insurance,. Car insurance, house insurance, business insurance sales agent. I’d like to know your thoughts. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “What’s The First Thing Thing When You Think Insurance Sales Agent?”

  1. AquaMari says:

    Friendly, yet decptive. They have good customer relations, but they are clever enough to sweet talk you into buying a service. I guess to sum it up, they’re manipulative in a good way! Lol

  2. bb says:

    Well… the first thing I think about is danger and death are awaiting me around every corner. Then I think its better to be safe than sorry. I really like my sales insurance agent, but that’s after I encountered my first “rainy day”. She came to my rescue after a car hit my car, and after these horrid renters wrecked a little apartment I had and was renting to them that would have cost me a fortune to repair, and after my neighbor smoked up my whole house exterior with a fire that he had set up in his garden to burn the dead leaves he had gathered… yup, a little money each year for insurance can save you lots of money and hassle in cases like these. Life is fragile and sh!t happens! No matter how careful you are. Sure, when you think about an insurance sales agent, at first you think: oh, they want my money for nothing… but in the end you realize that that isn’t the case at all. They actually pray that nothing bad will happen to you! Of course for money benefits, but when that “rainy day” comes, they’re the ones that are really by your side. 😉

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