Whats the point in January Sales?

We’ve just spent all our money on Christmas! So how are you supposed to go out and spend in the sales too?

I guess I’m just too poor!!!

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16 Responses to “Whats the point in January Sales?”

  1. wacky one says:

    I love the sales ,there is nothing like a bargain **fantastic**.

  2. Labyrinth says:

    well some people buy gift vouchers for presents or simply give money. So that’s why there are sales.

  3. fardy says:

    Bless ya !!!

    from what Ive seen I wouldn bother ..tends to be all the crap that no-one wants …you buy it ..it sits there for a few months then gets car booted or binned ..

  4. teddy says:

    I think lots of people save money specifically to go to the sales, one woman on the news said just now that she gives one little present out on Christmas day then goes to Jan sales and buys up the place and basically has a proper Christmas present giving on New Years day!

  5. Ed says:

    The price reductions are because shops would not do too well otherwise. Goods were largely sold at full price for the Christmas spending spree, and if prices were not heavily discounted after Christmas, the shops would have little trade. The sales are an attempt to tempt people back in, and clearly it works.

    This is an excellent time to think about buying presents for next Christmas. It is far cheaper than if you wait until December. Also, expensive items like furniture are heavily discounted now. People have credit card bills coming in for several months and would be less likely to splash out on expensive items, so the sales are needed.

    Also, the sales get rid of excess stock which is left over from Christmas.

  6. Andrew says:

    depending on the end of the fiscal year for the given corporation after christmas sales offer an excellent opportunity to liquidate inventory before they must be taxed. decreasing tax liability is almost always more valuable to a corporation and it’s investors than the inventory being sold.

  7. icequeen says:

    Well, I think its to piss people off so when they buy say a ps3 for instance and find its gone down 200 quid (ok slight exaggeration) but you know what I mean, they can all go back to the shops and buy something else just so they can see they have got a bargain. I am still a bit tired. soz if my answer is a bit nuts lol

  8. LONDONER © says:

    ah ha! Well I didn’t buy many presents because fortunately my family doesn’t ‘do’ Christmas so more dough for me in the sales, happy days!

  9. Sanah J. says:

    Well during Christmas a whole lot of new things come out and usually they are expensive. For example, last Christmas they where selling this really pretty childrens bike for $200 dollars but in January my cousin and I went shopping and its cost was $80 dollars and guess what i bought that bike and this year I gave it to my cousin. Three days before Christmas I went to shopping and I saw that same bike for $150 dollars! Imagine that!

  10. GW says:

    It’s just a ploy to get rid of their old stock, trust me I do it every year on EBAY selling my old stuff from the previous christmas.

  11. Lorne says:

    There isn’t one – it is just retailers hawking their wares !

  12. J Lo says:

    .Hi Ladymoon it’s so illogical!! why not have Christmas on 27th December when we can buy gifts in the sales!! and then have xmas Who says we have to have Christmas day on the 25th, logic says have it after the sales!!

  13. kay-g says:

    they are just poor suds queing at 4:00am to buy discount sale retailers dont want anymore.
    why wld u think it been reduced now?

  14. ariana says:

    Iv’e never managed the sales yet. So i guess i must spend to much money before hand. Plus i think a lot of the stuff is just tat that people have returned.Or goods they can’t give away!!

  15. OTTO says:

    To make way for new lines – when shops indicate a 70% reduction – they still make a huge profit !

  16. abenezerscrooge says:

    to clear out the left overs from christmas.

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