Whats this extra cut out in the exhaust manifold?

Might be a question for Ford experts, but don’t know if this is just on my car.

I am wanting to upgrade my Ford Fiesta ST exhaust manifold, and noticed that the standard manifold has this extra cutout for one of the outlets (Can be seen in the image on the ebay link provided below of the right of the pic). I haven’t purchased the new manifold yet but have seen actual pictures that accurately show the manifold from various sellers, and the new manifold doesn’t have this cutout and is just the round hole for the outlet. What i want to know is, is this extra cutout important, and is there a similar cutout on the engine, and why is it there?


Any help would be very appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Whats this extra cut out in the exhaust manifold?”

  1. Q says:

    That’s for the EGR,exhaust gas recirculation.
    at certain time and conditions the engine ecu opens the egr vale to let "some" of the exhaust gas back into the intake,now as there’s little or no oxygen in exhaust gas this has the effect of lowering the combustion Temperature which in turn lowers some of the exhaust gasses.
    or to a mechanic a certain pain in the ass and always carboning up and sticking

  2. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    i know you have rejected my previous answer but you do need to be made aware fitting anything non standard to a car on the public highway is subject to a modification which was not intended.
    this fact needs conveying to the insurance company who will increase your premium as a result.
    failure to do this will in the event of an accident lead to an investigator looking at the car and he informing the insurance of the non standard fitment.
    they will also advise the police that the car is not insured due to this modification, who will prosecute as the insurance becomes null and void.
    then we have VOSA here in the united kingdom . if this car makes more noise from it’s exhaust picked up by the police the car will be taken to a vosa depot for inspection and could be crushed as a result.
    Now i am sure you do not want to lose such a precious car so be warned making any kind of modification has it’s drawbacks.

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