Whats this extra cut out in the exhaust manifold?

Might be a question for Ford experts, but don’t know if this is just on my car.

I am wanting to upgrade my Ford Fiesta ST exhaust manifold, and noticed that the standard manifold has this extra cutout for one of the outlets (Can be seen in the image on the ebay link provided below of the right of the pic). I haven’t purchased the new manifold yet but have seen actual pictures that accurately show the manifold from various sellers, and the new manifold doesn’t have this cutout and is just the round hole for the outlet. What i want to know is, is this extra cutout important, and is there a similar cutout on the engine, and why is it there?


Any help would be very appreciated.

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One Response to “Whats this extra cut out in the exhaust manifold?”

  1.  Fred K says:

    That is just a soot mark not a hole.

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