Whats With This $10 Voucher Code For Psn Users?

I keep hearing people who are getting a $10 voucher code from Sony. But I haven’t gotten 1 yet. What do I have to do to get it?

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3 Responses to “Whats With This $10 Voucher Code For Psn Users?”

  1. ouch! says:

    You have to pay sony $10 then its yours

  2. san says:

    It’s cheaper the get the yearly subscription off Amazon they are usually £10/$15 below buying direct from Sony.
    You get Playstation Plus which lets you download about 3-4 games a month but they dissable when your subscription ends so best to have yearly.

  3. Silver Jack0 says:

    I got mine the day before the PlayStation event. I don’t really know the criteria to be able to get one. It may have something to do with your psn store history (downloading a buying tons) or how long you’ve had a PS3.
    Maybe they’re still giving some away, so hold on for a bit longer.

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