what's your best bargain / biggest disaster bought in the sales?

For the record, mine’s a pair of brown PVC trousers!!! Whatever was I thinking of?!?

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8 Responses to “what's your best bargain / biggest disaster bought in the sales?”

  1. claire says:

    some bargains i’ve found
    Several years ago i bought some calvin klein jeans for £1 in a TK Maxx sale
    Bought a blue playsuit & metallic blue sandals in a topshop sale for the equivelent of £2.50 each in a buy one get one free sale
    also got a really nice red playsuit in there for £4 but the bust was too big and so were the shoulder straps
    once bought a blue stripe one shoulder strap top and matching skirt for £2 black and purple stripe leggins for £2 and satiny long blue boxing style shorts for 99p in H&M
    3 pairs of brightly colored leggins for £1 each in New look

    i have a knack for always managing to find extremely cheap bargains in the sales

  2. Stalin says:

    I bought a mail order bride for £5.
    Turned out it was a ladyboy.

  3. Keepingmycool says:

    an old navy white denim pants for about $2 during their 75% off sale

  4. camrie713@sbcglobal.net says:

    my best bargin was finding a skirt that was originally 70 or 80 dollars marked down, and on the clearance rack w/an extre 70% off. it ended up being only 10 or 12 dollars!!!

  5. Maddie says:

    i got 2 pairs of Justin Timberlake jeans, originally $200 for $90 each. SCORE!

  6. popgirlrana says:

    Getting 6 necklaces for 6 dollars at Limited Too. It was like buy two get one free.

  7. Jackie says:

    Best bargain: American Eagle tanktop sale/$5. All the tanks were in my size! I’m petite, so I got twenty smalls. Oh yeah, bby.
    Biggest Disaster: This abercrombie brown cardigan with four small buttons on the top and it just hung. It was a long time ago, and really weird.

  8. Shanice <3 says:

    a black tunic from topshop sales for £1 proper bargain!

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