What’s Your Response To Rumors That The Gop Used Illegal Gun Sales To Fund Super-pac Ads?

It’s already a well-known fact that the Firearms Manufacturers lobbying group the NRA has been illegally selling firearms to urban and rural criminals, because they know that the best advertising to drive paranoid white suburbanites to buy more guns are crime stories on the evening news. New revelations have surfaced that not only is the NRA selling guns to convicted felons in urban ghettos and rural trailer parks all across the country, but that these gun sales were actually a significant source of Super-Pac donations during the 2012 Presidential campaign.
It is suspicious that Republican Super-Pacs have continuously refused to name the organizations or activities which are the source of their funding, and as Super-Pac founders like Karl Rove steadfastly refuse to name their funding sources, we have to assume that he is trying to hide something and that these claims are probably 100% legitimate.
What’s your response to learning that millions of dollars worth of Super-Pac ads during the 2012 election were paid for by a secret NRA/Firearms Manufacturer Lobby program to sell guns at “cost + SuperPac donation” pricing to convicted felons?

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14 Responses to “What’s Your Response To Rumors That The Gop Used Illegal Gun Sales To Fund Super-pac Ads?”

  1. It's all about me not you says:

    Once again you prove you are a liar

  2. Antie Pantie says:

    Fast and Furious. That’s my response*
    *If what you say is true.

  3. Change is for da Bums says:

    The gubmint has purchased tens of thousands of Obama’s books.

  4. French Fry Hunter says:

    Fast and Furious

  5. LDS delenda est says:

    Shocks me, NOT. Thom Hartmann was documenting the founding of the TP yesterday. Follow the money. The TP came from the tobacco lobby back in 1996.
    And to the doubters, Iran Contra. Shocks me, NOT.

  6. SayAgain says:

    Sure if it makes the Republicans look bad in any way all you left’tards will believe it with out question.

  7. daSVgrou says:

    everybody should read S I Hayakawa’s LANGUAGE IN THOUGHT & ACTION before responding to a false assertion like yours

  8. Patrick says:

    The only illegal gun running that has been done has been by the Obama Administration selling thousands of guns illegally to drug cartels in Mexico and Islamists in Syria and Libya.
    Show proof of your claim.

  9. The Virginian says:

    They are under investigation and there seems to be more than a preponderance of evidence. There is also some significant history of similar behavior extending beyond our borders. Remember the Iran Contra Affair!

  10. honestam says:

    Considering they still ignore that Reagan and Bush sr sold arms to Iran AFTER they took our embassy personnel hostage for more then a year nothing surprises me!

  11. Daniel says:

    All politicians in this country are corrupt. Republican, democrat, ALL of them. So why do people feel the need point fingers and argue about it?

  12. Violyn says:

    They are being investigated.

  13. Torgo says:

    The NRA sells guns now? In that case, it would be easy for you to find their gun dealer license, or some other evidence. As for a ‘secret’ gun lobby, if you don’t have any evidence, there is no difference between this secret lobby and a story that you just made up.

  14. mom says:

    Doesn’t matter who funded it. We should have no super pacs. That cuts out anyone except the elite of either party running for office or maybe a few chosen ones that said parties would like to see get in. When they do that, they are cutting out the rights of others who might be better qualified to get into office and thwarting the process of people voting for the better candidates. In other words, money has taken over our whole government or is in the process of doing so. Some people ignore ads altogether, some watch them so often they believe them wholly without doing any checking to see if they are correct but money talks, as the saying goes. If money is power, those with money will be running everything their way.

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