When A Poorly Educated Orphan Learns Latin, Biblical Greek & Hebrew, Then Is Accused Of Witchcraft,?

what’s going on?
I refer to John Brown of Haddington, Scotland, born 1722, orphaned around 12 years old. But despite little education, he learned Latin, Greek, then Hebrew, all with a view to reading and understanding the Bible. He was ordained as minister of Haddington and Lothian aged 30 years, then Moderator of the Synod. His book “Self-Interpreting Bible” was published in 1778 (editions still being published in the 20th century, and international sales.) It was written to help ordinary less-educated persons understand the Bible.
However, he first had to contend with accusations of having dabbled in black magic to gain such knowledge of foreign languages. These grew to calls that he be tried for witchcraft. What does this tell us about peoples’ views of people like John Brown, back in the 1700s in Scotland, and their ideas about witchcraft?

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2 Responses to “When A Poorly Educated Orphan Learns Latin, Biblical Greek & Hebrew, Then Is Accused Of Witchcraft,?”

  1. Lilly says:

    i suppose many people thought that anyone out of the ordinary or unusually clever was bad or a threat. lack of understanding. maybe people just didn’t like him much, which led them to thinking he was a witch (as very intelligent people are sometimes very patronising). thats just speculation though.

  2. Pray for the world. says:

    The devil was furious with what God was doing with his life and so he tried to destroy him. The devil tried to destroy my life too in many ways, so I am familiar with this. Anyone who loves the Lord with all their hearts is going to be persecuted whether they are living in a free country or not.

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