When Are We Going To See A Decrease In Left Wing Hysteria About The Sandy Hook Incident?

Those of you who say that “assault weapons” need to be banned are basically labeling all citizens as child shooters, and labeling the government as the savior who needs to control them. You’re actually more likely to be killed by your doctor, than a mass murder like Adam Lanza. http://www.infowars.com/mayan-calendar-s…
Even if all guns were illegal, and were only for police and military, school shootings would still happen. When have criminals ever followed the law? And why do left wingnuts think that just because something’s illegal, that nobody will be able to get it? People who want drugs still get them, even if they’re illegal!
My friend Stephen was shot to death by a criminal who had an automatic Uzi, gun laws should have prevented the sale of an automatic weapon, and his 35 round magazine, but why didn’t gun laws stop this man from killing my friend? Stephen had a pistol with a 12 round magazine, the largest magazine he could legally own. But it was no match for a criminal who didn’t follow the law, and got a 33 round clip anyway, along with an automatic Uzi.
Why do you left wingers still believe that disarming the innocent, and limiting their access to weapons will stop criminals?
And for anyone who says that nobody’s trying to ban guns, take a look at this: http://rense.com/general85/obs.htm
Ban guns to protect our children! Waaahh! Legalize abortion, for our children! Waaaaahhhhh!!!
NOW, your little “assault” weapons ban didn’t pass…..Would you like to cry about it some more?

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4 Responses to “When Are We Going To See A Decrease In Left Wing Hysteria About The Sandy Hook Incident?”

  1. BundyGil suspended once a says:

    I hope never see to see a decrease in concern about Sandy Hook and a multitude of other similar incidents.

  2. Mr. Smartypants says:

    90% of Americans wanted to close the gun show loophole. 70% of NRA members! And we’ll keep caring about this issue, and we’ll stop caring after you guys have lost a few more elections.

  3. Gerald Cline says:

    When they have gutted the Second Amendment…. No before….

  4. mercedes says:

    When small children stop getting shot by nuts with guns.

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