When did flat straightening irons first become popular?

I realise that I had never seen any around until after the year 2000.

So what year would something like this come from?


And what year did straightening irons become popular?

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3 Responses to “When did flat straightening irons first become popular?”

  1. LovMiCandi says:

    I think the 90s because 90s is when they started flat ironing the 80’s was when they had poofy curly hair and now is when they started to get it super straight with relaxers and flat irons but I’m pretty sure that could be from the 90s because if you look back they weren’t really straightening unroll the 90s and it started to become popular on 00’s

  2. DiDi says:

    i remember the first time i used one it was year 2000 so im guessing its that year..lol

  3. Sarah says:

    i had some like that about 1999, especially as the one you’ve shown shows a crimper too- proper 90s!

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