When do the christmas sales start in the UK?

You know how there are usually big sales in shops after christmas time. When do they start and do all shops have these sales. The reason I am asking is because for christmas I am getting money for a Paul’s Boutique bag but I am going to buy it in the sales and was wondering if these bags would be in the sales. Thanks

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5 Responses to “When do the christmas sales start in the UK?”

  1. bruvvamoff says:

    You are talking about the January sales. They start in January, funny enough.

  2. The Yahoo! Police says:

    Normally Boxing Day.

  3. Will says:

    1st of January in mostly all the populaar cothles and electronics shops

  4. !!~IHaveABabyGirl~!! says:

    You’re either quite stupid, or you’re a kid….I’m thinking the latter! Some high street sales will begin on 26th December – such as the Next sale, M&S….I think Debenhams normally start on the 27th, and other shops start their sales after the Christmas bank holidays. This year, there are two bank holidays on 26th and 27th…then normal shopping hours on 28th.

  5. Topshop says:

    Hey I love pauls boutique and in bank my mum was asking this lady that worked there if uggs would be on sale- and she said yes, on boxing day! this probably is the same for all pauls boutique things! I would get down to a shopping centre on boxing day, it’s what me and my mum are doing.x
    hope this helps!
    oh, and which pb bag are you thinking of getting??
    merry christmas.x

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