when do the sales start in england, december 26th or 27th?

i know the january sales start in january… normally … but the trend in the uk has been to start them earlier than that. when do the sales in shops (not online) start. is it tomorrow, 27th or have i missed it already (today)?


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  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder says:

    it starts tomorrow.

  2. GreenMan says:

    Although Sunday is the 26th
    If you have money many places will leave the door unlocked so as you can go in even if you have a Sunday law saying stores have to be closed.
    Other wise for sure the 27th.
    Stores are desperate go for it.
    The January sales will be even less money.

  3. Natalie H (1,2,3,4,5... Senses working overtime..) says:

    Depends on the store and it’s location.

    Most of the shops have started their sales on the 26th, regardless of whether it is a Sunday or not (as England have Sunday trading laws, so are allowed to open their doors) but Next and John Lewis do not start their sale until tomorrow. Stores such as Lush vary when their sales start depending on the demand, their major city stores have kicked off their sale today, but some of their smaller stores won’t open their doors until tomorrow :o)

  4. Daniel says:

    most start on boxing day now

  5. Jodie says:

    Debenhams, Zara,Office, House of Fraser started today. Next and others tomorrow.

  6. I. SPY says:

    I am completely confused with UK this year.
    Adding these extra "bank" holidays.
    Will someone please add me when are, and are not holidays.

    And when it all goes normal again.
    And also what is there of any "recession" ! ?
    I do not think the country knows or has seen real hardship at all.

  7. Belle says:


  8. Wallpaper15 says:

    Selfridges started today. I work in Monsoon and we started today. But Next doesn’t start til tomorrow. Don’t think any of them will wait til Tuesday, we need to make up the money we lost from the snow.

  9. XMAS Deighton says:

    it was on the news, some started today

  10. baffled says:

    To late….England has already been sold off

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