When do you get your child trust fund voucher?

My daughter is 4 months old but I’ve only just started receiving child benefit for her because I had to make some changes and they took ages to process it.

When should I receive the child trust fund voucher? I haven’t had anything yet.

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6 Responses to “When do you get your child trust fund voucher?”

  1. LouBelle says:

    I think I received mine about 3 weeks after the child benefit had been sorted. It then took me 7 months to decide what to do with it lol.

  2. heleni says:

    It normally comes through a few weeks after you start getting child benefit. So it should be with you any time now!

  3. Vicki <3 my little chubba says:

    Like others have said, I got mine a week or two after my child benefit came through. Also, just in case you’re not sure yet where to invest it, my husband looked into it (in around December I think) and at that time apparently Bank of Scotland was the best place to invest. Just thought I’d add that as when I got mine I had no idea where to invest it! x

  4. Colette says:

    My little boy was 9 weeks before i recieved child benefit then the following i received his child trust voucher…. you have just raised a question for me!
    What have i done with my little boy’s voucher??
    Aha found it still sitting in the drawer so i shall do something with it asap
    thanks so much for raising this question

  5. star44 says:

    hi i got mine about month later but they spelt my baby’s name wrong on the voucher i cannot under why when they had my sons birth certificate with his name on it maybe you should telephone them to see what is happening good luck

  6. Mrs T - Ellie's mummy! says:

    I think ellies child trust fund voucher came about 3 weeks after her benefit started. I put it into Nationwides cash (savings) child trust fund account cos I dont trust the stocks and shares just now and wouldnt want to loose the money put in, atleast i know with the savings account she will definately get all her money back with a bit extra on top lol

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