When Do You Usually Do Your Major Christmas Shopping?

also do you find it better to buy the items right away before the big rush or would you rather wait until the items are on sale but have a 50/50 chance on getting the item?

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2 Responses to “When Do You Usually Do Your Major Christmas Shopping?”

  1. cerbere1 says:

    I get most things over the internet… More choice, better prices, you can browse without wasting gas, etc…

  2. Courtney says:

    I split work up into 5 days.
    – Online Shopping day. Pick up everything that wont be on sale .
    – Black Friday. I love Black Friday Shopping & crazy crowds.
    – Cyber Monday. Online, sale shopping.
    – Outlet Shopping. This is the only place in my area with a coach store for my mom.
    – Christmas Eve. Pick up candy for stockings, lotto tickets for stockings, ect.
    I used to do ALL my shopping on one day but that’s way too stressful. This way I can wrap presents in a timely fashion.

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