When does the comet sale start?

Ok so on their website it says sale starting soon does anyone know when this actually starts and will brands like apple iPads be reduced too

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  1. babygirlscrivs says:

    The sale will start Thursday 8th November.
    All ‘old’ stock will be heavily discounted, but brands such as Apple will NOT be reduced (unless it is old stock, in which case expect them to be the first thing to sell out!).

  2. The Shadow says:

    Comet is trading as normal while the administrators look for a buyer. That’s very unlikely to happen but i heard on BBC 5 live that it’ll probably be around next Friday at the earliest until they announce they have given up looking.

    The sale will start then but don’t expect to get much! The online stock will be very limited and your best bet is to go down a store. There are reports where i live (Birmingham) of queues of people already forming outside stores with people camping out waiting for the sale to begin.

    Yes there will be huge discounts with 40% to 80% off ipads and things. yes, you will be able to get an ipad for about £100 but expect them to sell out within seconds of the sale starting. People are setting up shifts with friends and refreshing the pages on Comet every few seconds ready to bulk buy dozens to sell on.

    It’s sad really and shows human nature at it’s worst but hey, that’s business so grab a bargain if you can my friend!

  3. Simon says:

    "Soon" will be this week but it will be a gradual process and you’re highly unlikely to get a significant discount on something like an iPad. The discounts will start low (10-20%) and on the less popular items to try and get them shifting. As the good stuff sells, the discounts will get bigger so that by the end there will likely be some very big discounts (80-90%) but on the stuff that people least want to buy.

    The premium goods like the iPads will either be sold with a very small discount (10% would have people queuing to get in) or may be transferred direct to another retailer instead.

  4. Feruza says:

    Towards the end of the week, but the inside word from workers is don’t expect much to start with as this close to xmas they might hold out till then with small discounts and then clear after xmas, like the previous answer small to start then bigger to clear the suff not selling

  5. Nathan says:

    I agree with the previous two people it will most likely start how other big chains have (like woolworths) where they will have lots of stuff with different discount (I remember woolworths had up to 50% discount on all items but only half a dozen or so where discounted to 50%). By the time the discount gets big it will be to clear the dregs of stock they have left. I know a number of people who worked at woolworths and most of their employees hid whatever big items (laptops, xbox, wii’s etc) they wanted in the back and then purchased them when the discount reached 80% for themselves so unless you know someone who works in comet your chance of getting Ipads and other items with big discount is very slim

  6. mecotter@btinternet.com says:

    who knows everyone is just guessing. and if we get a bargain..then good

  7. Luke says:

    Likewise, spoke to a few members of staff and offered my commiserations, then asked about their fire-sale. Was told starts 9am thursday 8th November, so empty your car boot and put the back seats down….

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