When I Click On A Google Link It Sometimes Sends Me Elsewhere?

In the last couple of week occasionally when using google I click on a link and it sends me elsewhere. These are usually sites such as “Win £500 Asda vouchers, enter this competition” or “how to make _unreal amount of money_ on the internet”- those type of sites.
It is not the link because if I go back and use the link again it sends me to the correct page.
Is this is a virus/adware? How do I get rid of it?
Also my internet keeps freezing lately- on normal sites aswell such as facebook which I have used often with no problem, could this be related?
It may be worth noting I use Internet explorer. I know its not the best brower but it’s just what I’m used to!
Sorry if it’s an obvious question I’m not too smart when it comes to computers!

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2 Responses to “When I Click On A Google Link It Sometimes Sends Me Elsewhere?”

  1. Berzurcus Circus says:

    Yes it is most likely unwanted adware on your computer.
    If you have a security software already and it shows nothing wrong after a scan, uninstall it and get Microsoft Security Essentials (free from Microsoft) installed, update it and run a full scan. This should take care of it for you.
    Also, get rid of IE while you’re at it and install Firefox, Opera, or Chrome. Much better web browsers, and much more safe.

  2. reek says:

    Yes, you seem to right that it could be adware. Is windows fully updated? Do a virus check with your antivirus. Check for spyware/adware with antispyware software. I recommend Spybot.

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