when is best to hit the january sales now or in january?

when is best to hity the sales now or in january? when is best to get the best bargins?

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31 Responses to “when is best to hit the january sales now or in january?”

  1. Daz C says:

    in January.. o/wise, they’re called the ‘DECEMBER’ sales!!! And it’s futile trying to go to them in February!!!

  2. xGen says:

    In October.

  3. Echo says:

    go now and in january.. that’s my plan!

  4. ben dover says:

    to beat the rush start in july

  5. emmacollege@btinternet.com says:

    they have sales throughout the year, best to stay in and do some online

  6. gorgeousgeorgie18 says:

    If you wanna something good then i suggest going now but if you can’t be bothered to queue up then either go online or in January. It’s my brothers birthday on the 12th so i am going to go the day before so i can beat the mad shopping rush!!!

  7. cannadoo says:

    I’ve seen some prices go up and some prices go down in January… I guess the best will be to buy a thing now and return/exchange in January in case the price of it has increased.

  8. karla says:

    none…don’t go to the sales (you will spend a lot of money) save your money and spend it on something you really want/need or on a nice holiday. thats what i am going to try and do. however i have 3 birthdays to buy for next week 🙁

  9. whisper says:

    middle of january when the prices are at the lowest

  10. GorGeous_Girl says:

    sorry but NONE.

    most of the sales is a con. most shops even have a ‘sales’ stock which they bring out in times of sales but are not sold normally. almost every product is over priced and then the price slashed to say NOW ONLY £ x !!!!

    i have studied marketing and advertisement and branding in much detail and trust me, these are nothing but tactics to get YOU into the store, and once you are in the store to convince you that indeed prices have been lowered, so you buy and buy….

    and buy….

    and buy….

    so many people end up buying so many clothes and things that they did not intend buying and end up not wearing or using, and eventually chuck it away ….

    so when you go out shopping in the sales, just remember to pick only what you NEED and really want, rather than something that catches your eye and it seems like ‘a good bargain’ …… because its not.

    remember if its too good to be true, it probably is !

    i went back to a clothes yesterday to buy a skirt i had seen only last week – only to realise that the whole range was removed and completely different clothes were in display !! i was not impressed.

  11. hotlegs321 says:

    now because it’s raining and not alot of people want to go shopping in the rain lol

  12. David Tennant lover says:

    whenever theres a sale ;D

  13. TCTopCat2007 says:

    go now if you really want something in particular that you have had your eyes on – or wait until January where you will most likely get a very good bargain!!!, but wouldn’t leave it any longer than 2 weeks from now!

  14. debmil31 says:

    january….be careful not all are bargains…there are things there that you did not see during the year…..its a con with some shops they have the stuff in warehouses waiting for this time of year and claim it has been discounted…..

  15. QPRfan says:

    Well that’s obvious isn’t it?The best time to hit the January sales is in mid April

  16. T C says:

    January sales are no big thing now days ’cause sales are on all year round!
    Have a look around them & if you see something you like which you think is a bargain then go for it!

  17. kimmylee30 says:

    I think if you want choice in a sale you should go Boxing Day or on the 27th October, when all the shops will be open. There you can get a good choice of products for half price or less.

    The items which stay on after the new year will be further reduced, so that is when the best bargains will be available.
    The choice is yours.

  18. leopardshaz says:

    As time goes on they virtually throw things ou so leave it late xx

  19. Helen B says:

    What you gonna hit them with? I personally would avoid the crowds and shop from a catalogue.

    The sales usually mean that prices are reset back to October/November prices. Prices always go up with christmas rush and increased demand and then go down again so we want to keep spending our hard earned cash. That’s life!

  20. manic says:

    asap, there are loads of bargains out there just now.

  21. Nintendog50 says:

    NOW if u go in January everything will be gone

  22. schumigirl1956 says:

    i always go in january if i have enough reserve cash in my savings after a christmas spree is over i look forward to see what i want and how much i have saved

  23. Nicole A says:

    I usually go when they start to get the sizes i need, then i go back when the sales are finishing to look at the stuff they keep bringing out and what other people have since returned. Id always recommend going early to make sure you get the good stuff.

  24. Sex Bomb says:

    i thought netto’s always had a sale on…!!!!

  25. Nisey D says:

    now is def the best time

  26. jackie n says:

    january sales because thats is why they say january sales if you go now chances are all you will get is 70 % off xmas decorations and toys and selection boxes id rather wait till january the prices of what i really want clothes and stuff havent been reduced much at all yet and if they have there very poor quality

  27. jeanniebluejazz says:

    now if you have any money left.

  28. peconut says:

    now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now….. do i need to continue

  29. ells says:

    now as the sales have started otherwise all the good bargains will have gone

  30. Amy B says:

    It’s getting earlier and earlier …… I’d have said christmas eve or boxing day ……. no joke!!!

    I went browsing round the shops on xmas eve and one of my favourate shops had their sale stuff out already ….. by the time I went back on 27th with my vouchers from christmas it had been well and truely picked over.

    Although sometimes it’s worth waiting cause they tend to keep some stuff back until later in the sale!
    A lot of these "sales" seem to be ending in early January now too!

  31. Sarah says:

    Go now AND in January! Get the staples now, the things you really can’t live without but wait for the other things as they reduce further in January and become even cheaper.
    Happy Shopping!

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