When Is Knowledge Not Power?

I’m looking for some whitty humerous remarks for my english speech. This motivational speaker has used a few (Listed below) but I don’t want to steal his idea, I want to be original.
His examples were:
You ‘know’ you’re an idiot because your grade five teacher told you so. Thirty years ago.
Your very educated trainer ‘teaches’ you that you need fat-burning drugs to reach your potential. Especially the ones he can supply to you at a discounted rate; because he cares.
You’ve ‘learned’ that you’re going to hell because you’re not attracted to the ‘right’ sex.
Your ‘teacher’ has a vested interest in manipulating your beliefs. As if that would happen.
You ‘know’ you’re not artistic because your mum said.
You ‘know’ all men are dirtbags because one broke your heart.
You ‘know’ carbs are bad. Especially after three.
A chart in a book tells you how many calories you will need tomorrow.
You ‘know’ how to get lean because the dude on the infomercial told you (and he was really lean).
But I won’t be copying you either of course!! haha I’ll be re-writing an suggestions you guys might have, I just need new and fresh ideas 😀

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5 Responses to “When Is Knowledge Not Power?”

  1. Shiv says:

    Knowledge is power is knowledge. What’s one without the other, save for when one realizes that in fact, knowledge is the potential to power. What one does with that knowledge – applies it to conceptual wisdom, does it truly become power.

  2. nameless says:

    The new, critically updated, all inclusive, final definition of ‘Knowledge’;
    “‘Knowledge’ is ‘that which is perceived’!”
    All inclusive!
    That which is perceived by the unique individual Perspective is ‘knowledge’.
    All we can ‘know’ is what we perceive, Now! and Now! and Now!!!
    ‘Ignorance’ is that which is NOT perceived, at any particular moment, by any particular unique Perspective!

  3. Paul says:

    Knowledge is not power when it is in the hands of a wise man for he would know power corrupts and reject power

  4. E says:

    You ‘know’ you’re smart because you have a diploma. Nobody cheated better than you.
    You ‘know’ he loves you because he says it all the time. Especially after the beatings.
    You ‘know’ you’re a great person because you have 10,000 followers on Twitter.
    You ‘know’ this is useful because it’s just like that motivational speaker.
    Honestly, for creativity, you need to look in other places. Forget about that speech, and live your life normally, and ideas will suddenly pop into your head. Good luck!

  5. Jesere says:

    When dealing with a Moron…

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