When is the best time to shop in the london christmas sales?

christmas sales start on boxing day i think? so would this be the best time to go?
is there the risk of it being too crowded on boxing day? or if i leave it later will all the good things have been bought already?

if anyone has any advice such as where to go, what to do, when would help too.

any input appreciated! Thank you! 🙂
oh, i didnt realise the sales were in early new year too. do they carry on continuously from boxing day? or do they start in january? also are the sale items reduced by the same amount?

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One Response to “When is the best time to shop in the london christmas sales?”

  1. Bengy 96 says:

    Boxing day is one of the best days to go i think, it will be busy but i cant see it being that busy because people are with there families on boxing day, but if you miss out then dont worry, theres sales throughout january, "january sales"

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