When is the busiest time on ebay.co.uk ?

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8 Responses to “When is the busiest time on ebay.co.uk ?”

  1. ALICIA B says:

    If you put it on a 10 day listing on a Thursday evening, it will get maximum exposure and finish on the Sunday evening. Sunday evening is the best time for an item to end as it’s before people go back to work and are feeling low, so are more likely to bid as buying something new cheers them up!

  2. emz25 says:

    evenings and weekends

  3. richmond*girl says:

    Not sure about the busiest times, but I never list when any of the soaps are on cos no-one bids then!

    I’d say a wet Sunday afternoon was pretty good!

  4. JAM says:

    When my hubby sells his stuff on ebay, bidding is always most frantic on a sunday evening.

  5. peppermintpatty says:

    I would say probably the weekend evenings.
    If I am selling items I usually try to have at least one weekend evening within my time.

  6. t3ddy says:

    I always try and get my items to finish from 6pm between Sunday and Thursday nights as people are often out at the weekend. It works for me! But then, it depends on what it is you are selling.

  7. PATRICIA R says:

    HAMMER TIME…….! as mc hammer’s 1990 hit cant touch this-hahaha

  8. Huw says:


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