When is the new pink Vaseline going to be sold in stores?


I saw this on ebay but the price is £3.20… a rip-off compared to the £1.00 that it usually would be in the store.

When are they going to start selling these?

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7 Responses to “When is the new pink Vaseline going to be sold in stores?”

  1. Scarlet says:

    I’ve got it!
    When i was looking for it read that people mostly got it from Sainbury’s and Savers.
    I got mine from Savers, but i’ve since see them in a large tesco store. Not in Boots yet though.

  2. bella234 says:

    i thought i already saw them??

  3. Jan409 says:

    It’s in Superdrug stores

    At least it is in the Glasgow ones

  4. Miss Popularity says:

    i have already seen them being sold in the likes of boots and super drug

  5. KJ says:

    It’s Vaseline but with a rose tint. You can get them in Boots, Superdrug, maybe even Asda and Tesco and they are about £1.50

  6. hood_star907 says:

    der alredy out
    in 1stop,bodycare

  7. Sexy Sindy says:

    It is already out in Wales, I think it is more expensive than a quid tho.

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