When to start wearing an under wired bra?

So I’m 13 years old and a 34c. At Marks and Spencer there are bras especially designed for teens but I was wondering if the under wired bras would cause any damage or not?

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8 Responses to “When to start wearing an under wired bra?”

  1. some girl =) says:

    yeah you can start wearing them anytime. your old enough, a 34C is definitely big enough to be wearing an under wired bra. so if you find them comfortable then go ahead. personally i find under wired bras more comfortable as they give more support. good luck 😉

  2. Navie Sanghera says:

    A wired bra just gives you more support.

  3. Zombie™ says:

    You’re old enough 🙂
    Under wired bras are great!

  4. Kimberly Haskins says:

    What do you mean under wired bras? Do u mean bras that have wire in them at the bottom? If so they would not cause any damage. That’s what type of bra most people wear.

  5. Crystal says:

    No they dont cause any damage. My first bra was a underwire bra and i love them

  6. Jill says:

    its totally up to your (and sort of your mom!) when to start wearing one… they shouldn’t cause any damage at all but some people find bras without wire are more comfortable, so it depends on you! underwire does help give more support though which is nice….

  7. Megan Bell says:

    I’m thirteen and got measured at M&S and i’m a 38b. I started off with the teen ones without wiring, and they are really good, supportive and comfortable. I then moved on to a teens wired one and the wiring is softer and less damaging than normal bras.

    Your boobs grow from the tissue that is under your arms where the wire in bra’s curve (if you get me :L) so that’s why it damages your boobs, because of the pressure. It’s best to start off with a non wired one <3

  8. Courtney Niles says:

    Usually they keep boobs in place and give them more support. Give ’em a try! 🙂

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