When Will The Fermi Architecture Become Well Outdated?

So I’m getting a graphics card for my computer and i was looking at the GTX570 and i know its been out for nearly 2yrs but i was wondering how it compared inn performance to the GTX660. I’ve checked the benchmark on http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_e… and its higher than the GTX660 but then on the Nvidia website it says that it is not as good and has older architecture. The two cards i was looking at are:
Palit GeForce GTX 570 Sonic Platinum 1280MB GDDR5http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/compo…
Palit GeForce GTX 660 2GB GDDR5http://www.amazon.co.uk/Palit-GeForce-Gr…
Any help is much appreciated.

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2 Responses to “When Will The Fermi Architecture Become Well Outdated?”

  1. brianthe says:

    hi joe
    well im using a fermi based gpu ( GTX550ti ) and its still more than capable of running the latest games at 1920×1080 at medium to high detail … however it depends how serious you are when it comes to pc gaming
    the GTX570 is a enthusiast class card,and in that i mean its normally purchased by guys who live and breath pc gaming …. however its also purchased by the average guy in the street who may run the odd game and also run cad software
    however the GTX660 was released by nvidia to give high end performance at a low end price point…. as nvidia stated the GTX660 gives near GTX670 performance but at a more reasonable price,and with most guys having to watch their pennies this is great news for the consumer
    the GTX660 also comes with a 2gb frame buffer which is a nice addition especially when running games at higher resolutions…. however the overall specs are similar which is suprising considering the GTX570 is essentially better than the GTX660 if only in name and prefix
    the kepler architecture has obvious improvements over fermi and this includes a superior gpu manufacturing process ( 28nm ) compared to the GTX570,s 40nm … these results in a much lower power requirement ( just 450w and 28A on the +12v rails ) … were as the GTX570 requires a 550w psu and 32A on the +12v rails ….
    also the GTX660 has a 6008mhz effective memory clock compared to just 3800mhz effective on the GTX570 .. and the 980mhz core clock on the GTX660 is better than the 732mhz core on the GTX570 !
    however the GTX570 has a massive 320bit memory interface compared to a 192bit with the GTX660 ….. this results in a 152gb/sec memory bandwidth on the GTX570,allthough the GTX660 is not too far behind with a 144gb/sec memory bandwidth … thats not bad especially considering the GTX660 has a memory interface nearlly half the width of the GTX570…. however the massive 6008mhz memory clock on the GTX660 is largely responsible for the excellent specs
    in summary i would go with the GTX660… or if your budget can stretch the GTX660ti … the main difference with the GTX660ti is the amount of shader processors ( cuda cores ) with the GTX660 having 960 and the GTX660ti 1344 shader processors
    the extra shader processors are worth the extra cost… basically the more shader processors the better the performance … and this is reflected in benchmarks were in the same game the GTX660ti can acheive a extra 10fps ( frames per second ) …
    personally im not too concerned with new technology and cant afford to replace a card when a new architecture is released ( especially when my card is still running games and performing well ) .. however when theres a choice i would allways opt for the newer technology so the GTX660 should be your first choice.. but also consider the GTX660ti …..
    i hope this helps joe.. any questions let me know
    good luck mate !

  2. Ryan says:

    Have a 660, better support lower wattage and Kepler is more oc friendly

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