When you hear there will be big discounts in retail what percentage springs to mind?

I got a lightening deals email from Amazon but didn’t really think the discount was that great. It was 13% but somehow I thought 25% is where it might have been. I remember a friend trading in an old car and getting a £1000 off his new one, to prove it wasn’t that good a deal I walked into the showroom and haggled a £1000 off with out a trade in.
Am I too tight or is 10% a "really" good deal?

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2 Responses to “When you hear there will be big discounts in retail what percentage springs to mind?”

  1. sophieb says:

    what brings to mind? scam

  2. Debbie c says:

    These days it seems no discount can be better than getting one. Take supermarkets for example. They will raise the price of goods then have an offer on them which only makes them a few pence cheaper than they originally were.

    Clothes shops generally don’t raise prices before lowering them but Amazon does it all the time. Add something to your basket and revisit the site weekly and it will tell you how much the price has increased and decreased each time.

    Just looked at mine and it says "Please note that the price of Clairol Nice’n’Easy Perfect 10 – High Gloss Hair Colourant Dark Brown 4 has increased from £5.00 to £6.98 since you placed it in your Shopping Basket." That’s a big increase!

    I did buy a TV from their lighnting deals in December or January. It was a good deal at the time so I’m happy!

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