Where And How Can I Have A Russian “vaoucher” (a Travel’s Contract)?

I would like to have a trip in Russia (In Moscow or in another town) and the ambassy asks me to have a “Vaoucher”, which is a travel’s contract.
Please, where and how can I have a “Vaoucher” of a russian tourist company?
Thank you

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  1. MARC says:

    i write as if you are from USA- just your embassy would do it, not Washington DC!
    in any order convenient to you, go to the Russian embassy website for Washington DC (click the US flag for English) go to ** Consular Issues ** Visas ** Tourist visa **… there it tells you all the documents and things you will need to send. i was always told to send ONE extra picture-they ask for one, so send TWO and sign and put your passport number on the back(s).
    and contact any hotel or hostel and tell them that you need a voucher. upon a paid reservation, they will fax or email you a document. you send the document (hotel voucher), passport, photo(s), visa application form, MONEY ORDER for visa fee, and a stamped, addressed envelope to return your passport. i always used the Postal Service, the cardboard envelope Priority Mail for return and the Tyvek to send it all to the embassy. it is usually much quicker, but allow a month for processing and return. be sure all the required things are sent.
    when you get to the hotel (hostel), they will register you with the russian visa authorities. i THINK many offer free registration. much easier than spending a day or half a day in an office waiting for number 245 and they just called 12!
    and once in Russia, you can go practically anywhere freely.

  2. Wave2012 says:

    first you should book a hotel and hotel will send you this “voucher” – kind of official confirmation that you are planning to visit this hotel. Or if you buy tour from travel agency they will provide you this document.

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