Where are some horse sales?

Where can I find good, trustworthy horse sales in South West England where I can get horses for VERY cheap? Someone told me you can get horses who are very good sporting horses for around £40, is this true? And how does the whole auction thing work? Sales must be in South West England, or at least South England. Thanks 🙂

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  1. faye says:

    No you wont get good stock very cheap and certainly not for £40. You might get scrub ponies of indeterminate breeding and shockingly bad conformation that have never been handled in their life that go for £40.

    you can get good horses cheap at auctions but not that cheap and you do have to know exactly what you are doing. Expect problem horses and horses doped to the eyeballs etc.

    I personaly have bought from auctions in the UK several times (although mainly in cheshire). And have been lucky enough to get some lovely ponies, non of them cost less then £800 though and all had minor problems or quirks that i had to deal with. Sometimes those quirks were not so minor (got one who had a very nasty temper) but because i knew what i was letting myself infor and have delt with problem horses before i could rehab the horse. I paid £850 for him at a sale that is concidered to be very cheap.

    for a good sports horse type expect o pay a minimum of £1500 at an auction.

    The whole auction thing generaly works like this:
    1) phone auctioneers and request a catalogue of entries, not all auctions will do one though.
    2) go to auction and look at the lots, make note of the ones you like.
    3) if the auction has the facilities see the horses you like trotted up and ridden (if it is a ridden horse not a youngster)
    4) when the auction starts take your seats and wait untill your chosen horse comes into the ring.
    5) when your favoured horse comes into the ring then you can bid on it similar to ebay except you signal the auctioneer to bid on the horse (normly by raising a hand, or nodding). People will bid against you so keep bidding untill you either reach your maximum bid or you win the horse.
    6) auctioneer will often at this point require a deposit on the spot! find out before hand if one will be needed and how much so you make sure you have it on you.
    7) when the sheet goes from the auctioneer to the auction house and is processed (can take up to an hour) then you go and pay the full amount plus any VAT and any buyers premium.
    8) wait untill auction is over or the time you are given when you can remove the horse and take it home.

  2. quarterhorse says:


  3. meme says:

    Try melton mobray cattle market web site they have horse sales on certain saturdays and it will tell you on there when the next one is.
    Be carefull do not bid for something you have not touched get close to the animal, you will need to register at the office and get a bidding card before you can bid for an animal.

  4. bradytaylor2006 says:

    you will never get a horse that cheap even if it was lame and had a hundred vices.

    for example a 15.2hh – 16.2hh horse is worth £500 for meat so if any horse was only getting bid £40 the meat man would keep bidding it up until he won it.

    the only horses you will get for £40 are tiny, young foals that wont grow above 12 hands when fully grown. the reason they dont make much is because they cost so much to keep until you can break them and once they are broken and riding at 3 years old they still arent worth much and you wouldnt even get the money back for them that you had spent in their keep for the last 2 or 3 years, yet alone make a profit.

    people always say, horses at the sales arent making anything.

    but they mean compared to what they are worth on the private market.

    you will never get a horse for less than £500 but then the reason its probably gone to the horse sale is because its lame or because it has some awful vices or really bad to ride.

    horse sales for cheap horses like this dont offer guarantees with their horses.

    obviously if you go to horse sales run by the national stud you get guarantees but then you will pay thousands of pounds for a yearling.

    i dont know of any horse sales in the south as i live in the northwest so have only been ones around here and ones in newark , nottinghamshire.

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