where are the best bargains to buy a 42" or above hd tv?

does anyone know where there r good bargains for hd tv’s that are above 42". also is the quality of the tv good no matter wat the make is. have seen a sagem one which is really nice and has a good pic.

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  1. Pooper says:

    I would look at Panasonic and Sony, if you want excellent quality, I bought a 42 inch plasma Panasonic for $1100 at Best Buy last month. if you want decent quality at a great price, Consumer Reports says that Vizio, (from Wal-mart) is a pretty good brand for the price (probably less than $900. hope that helps.

  2. Carol P says:

    if it looks good to you and has a decent warranty – doesnt matter what the name is. Alot of these "off name" tvs are made in the same factories as the big name tvs…using same parts. Wal-mart has several great tvs for good prices – even sony’s. Check out the consumer reports web page and epinions.com.

    Just like Miller lite and Milwaukees Best are the same EXACT beer… MB just costs $3 less per case

  3. Puppet Dictator says:

    Curry’s Digital have Samsung 42" on sale right now. If you are in UK thats fine.

  4. Morph says:

    I agree with polo , Richersounds are pretty good

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