Where Can Be The Cheapest Place To Buy A Brand New Iphone 5?

It’s the hottest new phone, so you won’t find it cheap anywhere. Of course you can buy it with a big discount if you also sign up for a new contract, but then all you are really doing is agreeing to pay for part of it over 2 years instead of paying all at once, so you really aren’t saving that much money.
In a few months you might start to be able to find them cheaper on eBay as used models, but they are too new right now for that.

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2 Responses to “Where Can Be The Cheapest Place To Buy A Brand New Iphone 5?”

  1. Pearls Before Swine says:

    ebay or craigslist as they mentioned…..but also I heard actually Sam’s Club was having an offer with $50 off on one with a new two-year contract. But you have to be a member of Sam’s. And idk how long that promotion is going to be lasting.

  2. Katherin says:

    ebay or craigslist

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