where can i buy a big map of france for my daughter so we can plan our route for our holiday in the summer ?

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  1. Sir Terrance. says:


  2. Bunny says:

    Some garages – some of the bigger ones now sell maps for France, or try Borders and waterstones – they have the books of maps and also have the big fold out maps – as well as really good guides to the country – i love the Rough Guide series the best as it gives a really good break down of restaurants, hotels, campsites and tourist sites to suit all budgets

  3. murphywingedspur says:

    W.H.Smith or Waterstones stock a pretty good range of maps.

  4. IAN D says:

    Any good book shop should sell them. Go for the Michelin maps as they have the best detail and lots of town centre maps as well

  5. dragolt says:

    Get the Michelin 723 map .. it’s really one of the best maps of France

  6. richard b says:

    There are several ways to go about this.
    1. Buy a good atlas of France. I use the Michelin atlas (1cm = 2km). The 2008 edition is available ay WHSmith’s, etc.
    2. Buy sheetmaps, also Michelin, in The Red Series of large area maps No.918 covers northern France and 919 covers the south. (1cm = 10km.)
    3. Use Michelin’s Yellow maps (1cm = 2km) of which you will need Nos. 230 to 245 to cover the whole of France.
    4. If you want detailed maps of a certain area that you will be visiting then you will need Michelin’s Yellow series (1cm = 2km) which are numbered from 51 to 86. Each of these contains an "index touristique" and are ideal for using for day to day use in the area you happen to be visiting. They are almost the same as the atlas maps but weigh a lot less.
    Like the atlas, all these are available from WHSmith, Waterstones, etc.

  7. ashymojo says:

    Download Google Earth its free

    Its a brill piece of kit my kids love it

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