Where can I buy a cheap laptop?

I want to buy a cheap touchscreen laptop, but I don’t want to spend more than £250. It has to be touchscreen. It doesn’t matter if it used as long as the condition is good. I already looked on Ebay and Amazon so apart from them where can I buy a touchscreen laptop for less than £250?

UK sites or stores only please.
Tallest Skil

No need to be so rude and negative. There are ones on Amazon for £300 and plenty on Ebay for less than £250. I just want to know a few more places that sell them too. And there is a very good reason why I want a touchscreen so perhaps you should consider these things before calling me names.

From what I’ve seen tablet PCs cost just as much and having a laptop seems the better option for what I’d use it for. Plus there seems to be more laptops than tablets.

All I want is a list of places that sell touchscreen laptops for a decent price really. Once I know of a few places I’m pretty sure price won’t be a problem

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5 Responses to “Where can I buy a cheap laptop?”

  1. Tanner Mitchell says:

    You won’t find one that cheap. It’s not gonna happen.

  2. Tallest Skil says:

    A TOUCHSCREEN laptop for 250 pounds.


    You’re an idiot. First because touchscreen laptops are for people with more money than sense. Second because the only way you’ll get one for less than 250 pounds is by STEALING ONE.

    Frigging shut up. Either buy something you can afford or save your money like everyone else.

  3. Steven says:

    I don’t want to offend you in any way but any touch-screen laptops for sale around £250-£300 as you said will be very very slow, unresponsive and really.. just not worth the cash. I would recommend you instead, look at a tablet PC, they are far more in budget but even still, nowhere near £250-£300, unless either very old or dammanged.
    I think the only touch screen device you could get for £250 would be an ipod touch.
    I do think the other people are over-reacting and i’m sure you do have a good reason for a touch screen laptop, but i’m afraid for £250, you aren’t going to find one that’s any good..

  4. S D says:

    Best way to handle this is go into or call up a couple of your local computer stores and ask some of the nerd tech guys for their opinion on a couple of gaming laptops. Once you have a couple specific names don’t pay retail for it, I recommend you use this free web app, Basically it does a search threw all the top online stores for you and brings up the cheapest price, watch the 1min video when you open it up to know what I’m talking about and how to search with it. I saw a HP 210 Laptop for $399 in stores and found it $269 with free shipping. Helps to check it daily too.

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