Where can i buy a nice leather jacket in Glasgow?

Im looking for a nice leather jacket and have no idea where to start looking for one in Glasgow. I not really looking for a branded name but somewhere non-mainstream, in other works not somewhere like Marks & Spencer.

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  1. Helen says:

    There are a few leather shops in the Trongate that do classic jackets and biker’s leathers. If you’re looking for something goth/metal style then they *might* sell them in Hellfire on Queen Street, either that or they’d be able to point you in the right direction. For vintage stuff I’d check out Mr Ben’s behind the Argyle Centre; again if they don’t have any that you fancy they’d probably be able to tell you somewhere that might.

  2. GreenBrigade says:

    it depends what you mean by nice as I’m sure a biker would have a different idea to whats nice than i would.

    when i lived in glasgow there was a shop down the trongate that sold leather, there was one somewhere around the baras as well..

    you might get one in slaters as well

    leather isnt exaclty stylish at the moment so i would imagine some of the small retailers have gone bust and some of the bigger retailers may have limited stocks (if any)

  3. stardust33 says:

    All Saints on Buchanan Street has some fab looking leather jackets. I got my leather jacket from there last November and its the best money I’ve ever spent. Great quality, fab leather and I’m yet to see another person wearing it.

    Other than that, I’d check some of the independent retailers and vintage shops around merchant city and the west end!

  4. Jan409 says:

    Why not try some of the various Leather clothing shops which are on Argyle Street at the Trongate end

    Other than that, many market stalls around the city sell leather jackets

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