where can i buy a packet of 'mens erotic briefs' online?

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9 Responses to “where can i buy a packet of 'mens erotic briefs' online?”

  1. Jim C says:

    http://www.kiniki.com…www.ebay.co.uk try them…sorry it should say ebay.co.uk but it will not put the k in

  2. Tweedles says:

    An oxymoron if ever there was such a thing.
    Briefs you will find anywhere on the web.
    Erotic briefs will be more difficult 😛

  3. Rainbow_Children_<3 says:

    Ebay! Tis’ the best WAY!

  4. Barbie V says:

    eBay has them

  5. louiseobrien2002 says:


  6. queen of answers says:


  7. girlywurly21 says:

    ann summers of course!

  8. kristen r says:

    em maybe ann summers , have fun !

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