where can i buy a solar heater for a family sized paddling pool?

i’m thinking of buying an 18ft garden paddling / kiddies swimming pool for my two daughters, but i want to heat it for them. I’ve been told about solar heaters but i wasn’t told where to buy one or approx how much. Can you help?

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4 Responses to “where can i buy a solar heater for a family sized paddling pool?”

  1. Zecca says:

    I’ve got one of those, the kids love it. As does our pet octopus, Crystal. The hours of run they have had in it. Its the best purchase we ever made. The solar heater we used was the sun. Not sure how much it costs, I did see a bill kicking around the other day but that could have been for the digestives we feed Crystal (the wife tends to look after the bills). I’m sure she picked it up in the autumn sale at B&Q when they sell off all the summer stuff. I’ll ask her later and let you know

  2. pyj says:

    Go to super market.

  3. logrhythmic says:

    Here’s the best and cheapest answer. Buy a sheet of those plastic shipping bubbles and cover the pool with them. It will warm up in just a few hours. I’ve used it and it works great.

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