Where Can I Buy A Used (legal) Copy Of Photoshop?

I would like to get a copy of Photoshop. Yes I know it’s one of the most expensive software packages with Photoshop CS6 going for $1100 per copy. I don’t need CS6, and would be happy with CS5, or CS4, or even CS3, but after a week of searching I haven’t found anywhere that sells legal used copies.
I have checked Ebay (first thing actually). No there doesn’t seem to be any, except a few that say “Valid serial number, but don’t register it with Adobe” (hmmmm…) and others where new laptops are selling with pre-installed Photoshop on it (riiiight). Adobe forums themselves have a permanent topic saying to be careful about the Photoshop sales on Ebay. Understandable.
I also understand a lot of Photoshop users are not selling their copies because they are upgrading their licenses to the current version. But the upgrade conversion rate cannot be 100%. Companies close, downsize, projects are completed and software is no longer needed, people sadly die and estate sell off their assets including software, stores have leftover copies of the old software when the new versions come out. There has to be a lot of old unused legal copies of Photoshop that is out there.
But where is it? I checked and Adobe doesn’t have a problem with people selling their old copies of Photoshop (they even have an online license transfer tool to make it easy). However checking numerous sites not a copy can be found.
I’m not a student or educator, I don’t care to try to fake it to get the student discount (I want a legal copy) so that isn’t going to work.
One last note. I know a few people will be thinking “Tough it out like everyone else has. It’s a one time charge of $1100. Simple”. No, it’s not. I’m poor as in I measure out money ahead of time, and working second job to stay ahead of bills, never go out, don’t buy fun computer games, no disposable income. $1100 is a LOT of money for me, but I need the software to maybe be able to work for myself. I’d like to pay $200-300 for a legal (CS3?) copy. And I would be happy (overjoyed).
Yes, I know there is a way I can have it today for free (not legally though). I do believe that there is a personal price that must be paid for what we do and how we treat others. So no, that is not an option.
I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have.

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3 Responses to “Where Can I Buy A Used (legal) Copy Of Photoshop?”

  1. Dixie says:

    If it’s used, it’s illegal to copy it.
    It is considered pirating and will probably give you a lot of trouble if they find out.

  2. Zorain Shah says:

    Legal copies will be expensive

  3. cool_cle says:

    CS2 is no longer checked to see if it is a legal copy so there are no activation issues that require a crack or serialhttp://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downl…

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