Where can I buy a wooden sword for my cosplay in the uk?

Hey guys im jack and well as the title says i need a sword if you have ever watched Naruto there are members called ANBU black ops me and my friend are cosplaying as one of these members and we both need Japanese style swords but of course you not aloud metal for many reasons in the UK, so i was wondering if there any trust worthy shops or websites that sell wooden Japanese style swords or plastic for cosplayers

here are a couple of examples



it needs to have a sheath so if there any good and very trust worthy websites that would be great thanks 🙂

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One Response to “Where can I buy a wooden sword for my cosplay in the uk?”

  1. Sam says:

    http://www.blades-uk.com is a very good site, and completely trust worthy. if none of the wooden swords there take your fancy, phone them up and ask if they’ve any others in. [they don’t always display full stock]

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