where can i buy an o2 voucher online?

I wana buy an o2 topup voucher for my friend in UK. is there any website someone knows that i can do so. on o2.co.uk i cant do it, since they only take UK registered credit cards..

thanks if somoene can help.
pls dont post bogus answers unless you want free points.
thanks madmoo, but they charge you to even make calls to customer service
Itjn, have even read my question.???

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4 Responses to “where can i buy an o2 voucher online?”

  1. madmoo0 says:

    go back onto o2 web and use the contact number for them
    call them and they will take any card over the phone

  2. ltjn4 says:

    O2 website ?

  3. Dr Sixpack says:

    I just want the points

  4. sam h says:

    derr a o2 website r u stupid lol haha u cok

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