where can I buy cheap alcohol online without ID?

I would like to buy alcohol for a party online, but don’t want to have to provide ID or pay loads. And please don’t lecture me about being too young or whatever. I’m free to live my life how I choose.

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4 Responses to “where can I buy cheap alcohol online without ID?”

  1. Sam says:

    bargain booze

  2. Wolf says:

    Hi there, okay first off, I should warn you that it is against the legal law to buy underage alcohol, but im sure you already know that.

    It was funny when I clicked this, an ad on amazon popped up to buy underage alcohol.

    So! Amazon.com is your best bet I guess, or get one of your friends with ID to buy it, good luck

  3. La Vita e Bella says:

    http://www.liquor mart.com

    you have to provide a birth date, just make sure the year is over 21.

  4. dogglebe says:

    You’ll need an adult to sign for it when it arrives so good luck with that.

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