Where can I buy deals for restaurants etc?

Looking for websites that do offers on restaraunts similar to groupon.

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  1. Tosh Fox says:

    Hi I have had vouchers from Groupon, Wowcher and KGB these are all of a similar type of selling on the internet. They all do Various things such as restaurants, travel, B&Bs etc so have a look. You wil need to register. Good luck and get those offers, they’re great

  2. lesmcbabe says:

    you can look on groupon,or join toptable..i did that and have had a few good deals.also check places like money supermarket..they can give tios which sumtimes include vouchers

  3. Pepper of the Moon says:

    As somebody has already said, toptable is quite good. But, the best deal I find, is with Tastecard (www.tastecard.co.uk). Costs @£29.99 for a year, but I got that back on my first meal, as the deals are 2-for-1, or 50% of the bill – excluding drinks, of course. If you are a new customer, you will almost certainly get a card on a 3 month free trial, with no obligation. However, just like with toptable – and a lot of the Groupon deals, most places exclude Fridays, Saturdays and Xmas period, Valentines, etc – BUT, it’s still a great deal and you can almost always still find somewhere that will accept the card on a Friday or Saturday. You can download a phone app, too, so you can browse and book whilst you are out and about.

  4. chris says:

    Toptable. Lots of 50% off food options.

  5. Johnka says:

    Groupon or Itison.

    Slightly different is Later Rooms – last minute booking at reduced rates – meals as well as rooms, or 5pm.com

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