Where can I buy flavourings to make my own savoury popcorn?

I love marks and Spencer’s low fat flavoured popcorn and would like to start making my own, I particularly like the salt and vinegar and the cheesy flavours but I wouldn’t know where I could buy the dried flavours to add to the popcorn?

If anyone has any suggestions how I could recreate this low fat snack that would be very helpful, thanks.

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3 Responses to “Where can I buy flavourings to make my own savoury popcorn?”

  1. Dom says:

    You could make your own flavourings using powdered ingredients such as icing sugar, salt and spices.
    For cheese, you could also use parmesan cheese. Put things in a blender and whiz them up, then coat the popcorn in the powder and reheat quickly, so that the popcorn is sticky.

  2. ceece says:

    Grocery store, in the spice aisle. They sell ready made popcorn seasoning in various flavors -both sweet and savory = )

  3. KA says:

    You could simply add parmasean cheese to the popcorn or other flavors such as garlic powder or any other seasoning. But I have seen popcorn flavorings, in Long Island, I think target has them. I like stuff allo natural, so to me adding spagetti cheese or seasonings is suitable. as far as vinigar, adding a very small amount of salad vingar to teh popcorn should help (like white vinagar or wine vinagar) or add the some olive oil in a dressing shaker, shake and add to the popcorn, a little sea salt should give it a taste too. If you get a mixed peppercorns that’s good too.

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