Where can I buy fresh edamame and how do you cook it?

I love edamame, but despite trying 3 or 4 different oriental supermarkets, I have not been able to buy any – despite it being quite popular in restaurants!

Marks and Spencer sell some, but they are shelled – I want them in the shells. . .

Thanks in advance 🙂

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3 Responses to “Where can I buy fresh edamame and how do you cook it?”

  1. mlada holka says:

    my personal experience : I buy it in the frozen section of a oriental supper market.( all 3 oriental markets in Orlando have it]
    Its sold in a bag. At home I boil water in a big pot. When water is boiling I put 2 tea spoons of salt in the water and add one bag of edamame into it. Let it cook 8 minutes. Strain ,put in a bowl and sprinkle with salt.
    enjoy. ;]

  2. mcneely96 says:

    most health food stores and Whole Foods Market sell them in shells as well as some asian markets. as for how to cook, it depends on what you are making. there are a lot of different recipes on the website i’ve listed.

  3. ILUVsoda says:

    try the supermarket. that is the only place i can think of. i cook them in the microwave. i add salt on them, too.

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