Where can I change English Pounds to US Dollars in the UK on a sunday?

I’ve been extremely ill recently so havn’t been able to leave the house, I travel tomorrow night and am extremely worried now.
I need somewhere with a good exchange rate (well as good as it gets right now lol) in the UK open on a sunday.
I’ve heard Marks and spencers do it but are they open on a sunday (money changing part of M&S not just the shop).

Thanks in advance.

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7 Responses to “Where can I change English Pounds to US Dollars in the UK on a sunday?”

  1. heckenhocker says:

    You can exchange the money at the airport. The booths there give a fair rate and the fee is reasonable too.

    Large M&S stores do make exchange, this website http://www.marksandspencer.com/gp/store-locator/276-6090358-1749943?ie=UTF8&mnSBrand=core will allow you to find a store with a "bureau de change" near you. You’ll get the phone number of the store on the results page, so you can call and ask if the exchange is open on Sunday.

    Alternatively go to a cash machine (ATM) on landing in the US. Every major airport has ATM’s in the arrivals hall (after exiting from the secture area, just look for ATM signs or ask at information)

    I never bother changing money when travelling to US/Europe, I just use the cash machines.

    Enjoy your trip, and hope your health improves soon!

  2. smck_82uk says:

    bound to me some crook somewhere who’ll help you out for the payment of a small sexual fee

  3. Cheryl G says:

    The airport. If you’re traveling by plane, you should allow yourself enough time on either end of your journey to make change. Change only enough to get by, then go to any bank in the US and get a better rate.

  4. greyhound says:

    marks & spencers

  5. Sali says:

    bureau du change at the high streets or in Central London or at the airports.

  6. Roy < says:

    There should be some travel agents open or if you’re flying, there are places like Travelex at the airport.

  7. hat-a-tat-tat says:

    not all Marks & Spencers have an exchange bureau…the one at Brent Cross does….so does Watford…check out their websites for more details.

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