Where can I find a high quality sales letter copywriter at reasonable cost?

I’m looking for a professional copywriter to write some sales copy to promote my new ebook online which is priced at – it’s all about online marketing. Where can I find a UK based copywriter to do this for me please?

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  1. Klaudia says:


    Internet marketing forums and freelance sites would be perfect for this. Simply post your thread there and people who are willing to do it will contact you. I would also suggest you ask for a sample, as you do not want to end up with something unusable. Also, check feedback of such person (there is usually a feedback system on those sites) to make sure you are dealing with someone who knows what to do.

  2. ThoughtPunk2012 says:

    Hello Mark,

    You can find a copywriter at http://www.warriorforum.com/copywriting-forum/

  3. Riaan says:

    The best way to find a good copywriter is to place ads on internet marketing forums and/or freelance websites. Remember to request a resume and sample of what they can do. This makes it easy to filter the good ones out.

    If you are looking to write many sales letters, some kind of software will turn out to be much cheaper.

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