where can I find baby furniture and product at bargain prices?

I’ve been searching for a baby cot,pushchairs etc. at clearance price or bargain price on line but I would like to see the products before I buy them.
Anyone knows if there is any shop that I can go and have a look at the product before I buy? and No secondhand shops.
Many thanks..

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10 Responses to “where can I find baby furniture and product at bargain prices?”

  1. Midnight_Angel says:

    if your in uk

    I got all my baby equipment from ARGOS they deliver too.
    i had mamas and papas pram bath station the cot the bedroom furniture and other things and i am very satisfied.

  2. aman&farahs mummy says:

    mothercare, mamas and papas thats if u in uk

  3. Demon from hell says:

    why dont u do price comparison
    go on google and type in paler
    click on da price comparison one and u will get a gd list of sites

  4. Sarah C says:

    why don’t you try IKEA. they have really cute and modern baby furniture, at really inexpensive prices.

  5. Mother Trucker says:

    You say cot not crib so I am assuming you are not in the USA.All I can think of is IKEA but they might be more than you wanted to spend.

  6. Jennield says:

    Go to Babies R’ Us and check out their floor models they have on clearance.

  7. Cupid says:

    Craigs List for used baby furniture. I don’t think I would buy used clothing or anything like that though. 😉

  8. racey-pacey says:

    I don’t see why you are opposed to 2nd hand shops. Good ones have nearly new stuff in them. If you’re really strapped for cash and don’t mind a good quality second-hand cot etc. do have a look around them and even charity shops. They also have blankets and bedding. All this stuff needs is a good go in the washing machine.

  9. laura says:

    kmart is super cheap! but not good quality…

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