where can I find bargain retro furniture?

does anyone know of any good websites or places where i can find bargain furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Ebay is a great source but nowadays too many people use it and its difficult to find a good bargain!

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3 Responses to “where can I find bargain retro furniture?”

  1. Pink08 says:

    Big thrift stores, flea markets, farm auctions, city auction houses, antique malls, and look at the furniture for sale classifieds in the newspapers.

    You could try estate sales which are advertised in the classifieds of the newspaper. Depending on where you live, or if you are willing to travel to outlying towns, you can get bargains.

    Also ask people at work or clubs if they know where you can find that older furniture. Many people have relatives that are moving to condos or a relative who has died and left a house full of old furniture. Ask, ask, ask.

    Good luck. Hope you find lots of neat stuff.

  2. crazy reece says:

    try the charity shops

  3. Wordsmith99 says:


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