Where Can I Find Edible Insects In Houston?

Halloween is coming up and I’ll be going to a party out of town this weekend. So I thought this would be a great time to get really crazy with the foodie in me and do something with insects. Yes, many kinds of insects are perfectly edible and (supposedly) taste good, too.
The question is: where to buy them? I don’t mean the novelty snacks like scorpions in a lollipop, I mean actual cooked bugs au natural. No candy coating- just bugs! I live in Houston, so there’s got to be somewhere around here that sells something of the edible insect persuasion. I know of at least one Mexican restaurant that serves chipolines, but these little guys have to make a 100-mile trip and still be edible, so…I’m inclined not to turn to a restaurant.
Does anyone know of anywhere that may have something like this for retail sales in the Houston metro area? I’ve tried whole foods and health foods stores before, with no luck…

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