Where can i find rear twin-shocks like these..?


Fox rear air shocks, at an affordable price though, second hand an option too!


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6 Responses to “Where can i find rear twin-shocks like these..?”

  1. van frank says:

    i would buy that bike instead 🙂

  2. Max Cruise says:

    I second van frank. If you can afford the bike, buy it. That is a real classic bike. I remember when that rear suspension setup was first introduced. Every one was making mods to the the frame and swingarm to improve travel. My mods increased suspension travel on my ’74 Honda 125 Elsinore from 4 to 7 inches! By today’s standards, mini bikes have more travel. But in the day, I was able to tackle rougher terrain faster and with more confidence. If only this bike was for sale in the states.

  3. Steven F says:

    I have a pair that I would maybe sell you. 17" eye to eye.
    Let me know. I’ll check here in a day or so.

    I know, this is not the place to sell stuff, just trying to help another fellow mx’er out!

  4. ickypig65 says:

    Fox moto shox, I don’t believe they are available. But try Fox racing.

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