Where can I find the best deal for opening of a current account?

My Wife and I would like to open a joint account with the option of getting a mortgage in the next couple of years. Where is the best deal?

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  1. john says:

    Depends on the deal you are after. If you travel a lot and have travel insurance then one of the premium bank accounts might be best as they can save you money or alternatively if you are looking to switch bank accounts one of the banks is offering £100 to switch to them. On the mortgage side best to consider it as a separate entity to the bank account as always worth shopping around and in 2 years the provider of your bank account might not offer the best rates for a mortgage.

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  2. lindy~*~*whoops*~*~ says:

    use one of the comparison sites on the web,

  3. JoshH says:

    At the moment, don’t go for "deals", go for a stable bank, like HSBC or (less so) Barclays

  4. Unbiased.co.uk Find an IFA says:

    I would suggest going on to Moneysupermarket.com as you can select the options that matter to you most in order to find the best deal for your needs.

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