Where can i get a cheap costing childs alarm clock from?

Was thinking of this one…http://www.amazon.co.uk/Paint-Your-Wake-Alarm-Clock/dp/B00021Y0JE/sr=1-19/qid=1168527917/ref=sr_1_19/202-1076576-7011037?ie=UTF8&s=kids, however not quite sure if the paint on it, will adventually rub off, and often when kids paint things like this, it looks undecorative and a mess.

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9 Responses to “Where can i get a cheap costing childs alarm clock from?”

  1. cheekybluebed says:


  2. Big Jimi says:

    Wall Mart !!

  3. Katie B says:

    eBay sell everything!!

  4. Stareyes says:

    Why don’t you try Target?

  5. Jesse M says:

    ebay is the way to go

  6. kindkayeye says:

    99ct store, children’s place, young world, walmart, sears

  7. Sammyleggs222 says:

    Target, Walmart, Radio Shack, or stores like Ocean State job Lot, Odd Lots…..look around…..many choices…you can always surf the websites of these stores for suggestions before you go physically to the store to get it!

  8. carol anne b says:

    go to a pound shop like shop and you can get one for bout £2 or a bit more

  9. J S says:

    Look up "Freecycle" on the web and join; it’s fast and easy! There is one in practically every community and people give things away for free that they don’t need to help save our environment from filling up the landfills (trashing good things) that someone else might use or want. It is a wonderful way to "give" and take things you may need or give away things you don’t use anymore to someone that may need them. People give away children’s stuff all the time there as their children grow up and out of things!

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