where can i get a cheap nintendo ds?

am looking for a 6 year old boy and don’t want to pay to much.

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8 Responses to “where can i get a cheap nintendo ds?”

  1. Paul H says:


  2. Spike Spiegel says:

    Stolen one from a crack head.lol

  3. flaming_ichigo says:

    2 words…E-bay…

  4. xxsarahxx says:

    http://www.ebay.com there soooooo cheap btw everythings so cheap or look in the sales at electrical shops and ganimg shops wound be your best place

    hope ya find wat ya want xxxxx

  5. ~*Katy*~ says:

    Try ebay!! Has everything on there! You May also be lucky enough to grab a bundle of ‘DS’ Goodies, like a ds with a few games
    good luck

  6. bogueyman12 says:

    try ebay or yahoo shopping

  7. tashi says:

    gamestation, they sell preowned games & consoles pretty cheap

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